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Client specific case study

We develop a case study using your company’s documents such as:

  • Request For Proposals

  • Proposals

  • Functional Specifications

  • Needs Analysis

With this case study, and based on your specific goals, we develop simulation exercises requiring the participants to use industry specific project documentation in English. In conjunction with your experts we develop a list of issues that can cause communication breakdown and project delays.

Contextual learning activities

This list is used to develop the learning activities to be applied during the training sessions. We facilitate activities that require the participants to interact with colleagues from India, US or UK - role playing by one of our trainers (usually a native of the country). Activities and situations are designed to introduce cultural complexities.

Specific activities require the participants to:

  • read, write, summarise

  • respond by telephone and email

  • conduct conference calls

  • present their CVs, run a meeting

  • negotiate and discuss project details

  • review schedules and status reports

  • review roles and responsibilities

  • provide constructive criticism

  • clarify, confirm, and obtain agreement

  • have small talk etc.


References and take-aways

This is combined with cross cultural seminars and formal English language training dispersed throughout the program - to provide a practical, ready to apply, realistic, and targeted experience.

Extensive dos and don’ts list summarising the key points and serving as a reference tool is developed during the session and provided as a hand out.

Handouts, videos, and audio tools (specifically for accent familiarisation) are used to supplement and enhance the seminars.

Location and duration

The seminars can be conducted anywhere in North America, Europe, and India. Seminar duration can vary from 1/2 day to 5 days sessions.

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