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Are Your Employees Global Ready?

In a world that's both growing and getting smaller, it's more important than ever to have employees who know how to interact on a global scale.

Many companies have this sorted, and a big well done to them!

But, many don't. And that's where we come in.

According to Gartner Research, the top five reasons for offshore project failures are: Hidden costs Loss of productivity Poor commitment and communications Cultural differences Lack of offshore expertise and readiness The program we've developed at Global Readiness Training addresses the last three issues and supports your organisation’s efforts to minimise failures by mitigating foreseeable communication and cultural risks. Globalisation strategies are now well understood and widely applied by senior executives. However, over the past decade, the business world has realised that although a corporate strategy may make a lot of sense on paper, there are many reasons for operational failures. Clients ask vendors to indicate in their proposals how they will overcome these risks if an offshore element is involved. Today’s reality, and tomorrow’s success, depends on the implementation and operation of the corporate globalisation strategies already established. The benefits of our program, and what makes us stand out from the rest, are that through real-world examples and company specific case studies our program provides a unique combination of:

* Acquiring contextual vocabulary * Developing cultural and business practices know-how * Practicing intercultural project management and communication techniques * Understanding and overcoming cultural differences * Reducing frustration with other cultures, and working in English * Preventing project management problems, delays, and cost-overruns * Providing assurance to your clients and your operational staff so that your team is ready for global communications

Ready to find out more?

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