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Global Readiness Training provides custom training programs developed and delivered by IT experts with hands-on cross cultural experience

  • Bringing the required communication skills, including industry specific intercultural knowledge to your project management personnel.

  • Providing specific global communication tools, including English language usage in this industry to operational staff.

  • Developing an ability to foresee, and confidence to solve, project management roadblocks caused by cultural differences.

Leadership Development & Executive Coaching

Providing leadership development and executive coaching, with the focus on women and their careers. Training on cross-cultural management, diversity & inclusion and career development to organisations with a global presence and individuals in leadership roles.


Research has shown that careers are a subjective experience that result from, and contribute to, social, family, personal, and organisational factors. Hence, we believe that taking the time to carefully explore these factors will result in uncovering each individual’s unique professional path.

Project Readiness 

Intensive workshops to prepare for a project with a multicultural team. Language and intercultural communication skills for: client interviews, kick-off meetings, conference calls, emails, technical writing, proposal presentations, checkpoint meetings, and risk management 

Practice and improve individual communication style to develop the necessary soft skills for IT engineers working in a global context

Global Readiness 

Intensive workshops using role-playing and case studies to prepare consultants and engineers working on offshore projects to prevent communication breakdowns, improve one-team spirit, meet time, and quality objectives

Proven techniques to pinpoint national, organisational, team, and individual cultural differences, and bridge these gaps for effective team communications

Passport to India/Europe/USA

Executive seminars on life and work culture, aiming to improve strategic interactions in a cross-cultural environment

Cultural awareness and techniques for effective personal and professional integration for delivery and sales managers with concrete examples and practical tips


Manjari Prashar

Tel: +44 (0) 7824 902 988

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